Jim Burn Resigns, Marcel Groen Elected Chair

As outgoing Chairman Jim Burn noted, there has always been a quorum under his watch and the September 12th meeting was no exception. There was high turnout for the election of a new party chair and to prepare for the general election just 50 days away.

Chairman Jim Burn explained why he chose to resign in this video from the state committee meeting:

And he thanked state committee meeting people for their support and charged us to continue to build a strong organization:

There was only one candidate to replace Jim Burn, and Marcel Groen was easily elected the new state party chair:

The entire southeast delegation wish Jim Burn well and congratulate Chairman Marcel Groen on his election. Chairman Groen has proven himself an effective party organizer at the helm of the Montgomery County Democrats for the last two decades.

Other Happenings

Congratulations to southeast caucus chair, Jerry Lawrence, for being elected a DNC member.

Thank you to Adams County Chair Roger Lund and the rest of the Adams County delegation for hosting the fall state committee meeting.